BatteryLifeExtender 1.0

Extends the lifespan of Samsung laptops' batteries
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Reduces the maximum charge capacity for the laptop from 100% to 80%, increases the performance of the battery. It only works with Samsung-made laptops.

BatteryLifeExtender is a simple and useful software tool which allows you to control the power management of your laptop battery.
This software utility was designed exclusively for Samsung laptops. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with any other PCs. But if you own a laptop made by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and you want to increase its battery performance, BatteryLifeExtender will help you.

Using it, you will be able to extend the life of your laptop battery without changing advanced system settings or configurations.

The installation process is simple therefore it can be performed even by novice PC users. In order to use this system tool, you need to enable the Battery Life Extension mode in the BIOS Setup utility. Once you enable it, you may choose to use the Battery Life Extension mode directly from the program's interface.

In fact, this software tool only performs one single action to extend your battery's life. It will reduce the superior battery charge level from 100% to 80%.
By default this Life Extension mode is disabled and the superior battery charge level is set to 100%. Once the battery is fully charged, you will use it at its totally capacity. The life cycle of your laptop battery will be shortened and this result can be observed after a period of time, several months or even years.
Thanks to BatteryLifeExtender you may avoid this and the life cycle of your laptop battery will be longer.

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  • it can be used without changing any system settings or configurations


  • it is compatible only with laptops made by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd
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